Cats and their toys

You play with my heart
like a cat swats at a ball of yarn.
Getting real close as if it’ll cuddle.
Then, with a tail high in the air, you—
the arrogant feline—strides away,
sharing a Cheshire grin.

And I take it.
When will I learn?

I hold the power.
For without me,
you would have no fun.

What would tantalize you if it weren’t for me?
What would catch your eye if it weren’t for my
wound-up, colorful ball of personality?

You think you’re in control.

But one night
when you come to find me
and I’ve disappeared;
purposefully rolling down
the three concrete steps
to breathe in the air of freedom.

When I’m just beyond your reach,
you’ll recognize I’m the one
in control.

©2019 Angel K Will |

Photo by Alex Palmer via Pexels

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