One hundred percent

You are one hundred percent correct.If you think the world is for you, it is.If you think the world is against you, it is.That’s the principle of like attracting like.What you send out, will come back.Regardless of your circumstance,you are always the one who has control.Control over your thoughts;control over your feelings;control over your actions.Like…… Continue reading One hundred percent

Stories untold

I stand on the corner.I hold a sign.I fought for your freedom,but you drive on by.Love me anyway.I’m rushed, and I’m busy,no time to rest.Four kids, three jobs;I’m trying my best.Love me anyway.I’m pretty and perfectthat’s what you see,but a hellish turmoiltears inside me.Love me anyway.I cut you off in traffic;you laid on your horn.My…… Continue reading Stories untold

In All Times

Many timesit’s the breakingthat causes opportunityfor healing.Many timesit’s the wearing downthat empowers oneto rise up.Many timesit’s the final strawthat becomes the flamethat lights our fire.Many timessituations that cause painare the stepping stonesto greatness.In all times,and in all things,we have a choicein our responding.-akw- ___©2021 Angel K WillPhoto by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

My only question

Life is a collection of moments;whatever those may be,and the choice is mine to determinewhat it is I see.There’ll always be peaks and valleys;there’ll be both sun and rain,and how I choose to look at itwill determine my joy or pain.Nothing set before meis written in concrete or stone.I am the author of my story;my…… Continue reading My only question