Stories untold

I stand on the corner.I hold a sign.I fought for your freedom,but you drive on by.Love me anyway.I’m rushed, and I’m busy,no time to rest.Four kids, three jobs;I’m trying my best.Love me anyway.I’m pretty and perfectthat’s what you see,but a hellish turmoiltears inside me.Love me anyway.I cut you off in traffic;you laid on your horn.My…… Continue reading Stories untold


He swept her off her feet.She took his breath away.For love to survive don’t let the romance die.We get backwhat we’re willing to put in.Treasure and cherishfrom beginning to end.The secret to lasting loveis treating each moment like the first.Ignite that little sparkand a blazing flame can burst.Remember howhe swept you off your feet.Remember howshe…… Continue reading Renew

God came

2 am, numbholding picturesI collapsemy heart sinksas I admityou’re goneit was suddenno warninga nightmare come truenow all alonegasping for airsobs restricting my breathwhen a blank of warmth surrounds meand holds me tightlike a hug from Heavenat my lowest pointin my personal hellGod cameand held memy Spirit feltand my Soul believesI’ll get throughHe’ll carry me back…… Continue reading God came