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Some of my favorite things to stay healthy & live well.

I highly recommend supporting your community by shopping local first, but if you need to shop online, affiliate links are below (affiliate means I may make a commission). This is my personal experience with these products. I do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, nor treatment.
Bach Flower Remedy bottle, outside on table
Bach Flower Remedies
Natural homeopathic flower essences helps bring balance to one’s emotions and state of mind.
I keep Rock Water on hand. The description states “aqua petra helps you to enjoy life’s pleasures rather than stick too rigidly to your ideals or personal habits.” It definitely helps me chill from being too hard on myself, and I find it calms my mind if I’m subconsciously ruminating (especially when it’s time to hit the sack).

Read the descriptions to find one that’s a best fit for you. Or Rescue Remedy (Pastilles) is a great blend to start with. It’s how I was introduced to Bach Flowers.
Therane laying in grass
No one knows your body better than you. So work out those muscle kinks with this handheld, easy-to-use, self massager.
It works wonders. But don’t overdo it, or you will be sore the next day. Trust me.
bottle of solaray nettle
Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)
When histamines get out of wack, allergies prevail.
From my experience, stinging nettle can be looked at as a natural stabilizer of histamines. Thus, as I work to re-establish proper histamine levels, it’s an herb I readily have on-hand. It’s also good for other health reasons too. Look into it.

Side note, I’m also a fan of elderberry for immune support (cold & flu season), local-only Honey for the best health benefits, and Boiron products.
pink notebook and pen laying on table outside
A Journal
Start writing. Get those feelings out in a healthy way. It’s a great release.
And if you want to ensure no one sees it, just tear out the pages and throw them away when you’re done. It’s not about writing well; it’s about releasing the jumbled feelings inside so we can organize them into a perspective that helps.
I do suggest pen and paper. We spend too much time on little screens these days. Go outside and play.

Run, skip, hop. Make creatures in the clouds. Sing out loud even if it’s off key. Just be. Joyful and free.
purple blue yoga mat in grass
Yoga Download
Stretching and stillness seems to be a lost art these days, but it’s making a comeback. Try it; your body will be so very grateful when you do it.
Ideally, you’d get to a local studio to get your stretch on, but sometimes that doesn’t work out. When that’s the case, Yoga Download has a variety of class options.

Side note, binaural beats provide a frequency-following effect which is an interesting study for how sound (frequencies) impact the mind. Look into it. As we are bundles of energy, all things around us have an impact. It’s important to understand, at least on a basic level, what that impact may be.

Here’s to a strong body, mind and spirit!

Life is short; live well!

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