Experimental Abstract Photography Shoot

Got together with friends for pizza and a night of playing in the park with lights and slow shutter speeds, with and without tripods, shooting up, shooting down, shooting all around, and what a fun time we had.

The coolest thing about experimental light shooting is you might have an idea of what you want, but it seems the best images come from unintended clicks of the shutter. Or maybe that’s just me. But it seems no matter what you do, something fascinating is bound to come of it.

Living life with a camera in hand takes me back to the creativity of my early elementary years when we would make up stories to fill the time at recess. You never wanted to go inside because there was always another chapter, and you didn’t want it to “…be continued.” I feel like that kid again, playing uninhibited and care free. After all, I’ve always liked recess…

My favorite images from the night can be viewed on Flickr.

Abstract Light Painting | 04.2016

Capture the moments!

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