Word train

short, visual, emotional stories. and sometimes just thoughts, fragments really; a poetic monologue. tangents running wild, one word into the next, faster and faster until smack. the words collide like a freight train. and fall into a crumpled heap. waiting for breath to come and wake them from their slumber. for words are an energy.…… Continue reading Word train

Experimenting with Steel Wool Photography

Oh, the fun of playing with fire… Headed out to the country with a friend this past weekend to experiment with lighting steel wool on fire and seeing what kind of imagery we might obtain. I must say, we weren’t disappointed.  A couple rounds of perfecting the packing of the steel wool in the whisk…… Continue reading Experimenting with Steel Wool Photography

Experimental Abstract Photography Shoot

Got together with friends for pizza and a night of playing in the park with lights and slow shutter speeds, with and without tripods, shooting up, shooting down, shooting all around, and what a fun time we had. The coolest thing about experimental light shooting is you might have an idea of what you want,…… Continue reading Experimental Abstract Photography Shoot