New Year, New Way

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone through quite a transitioning period these past couple years.

Left my place in NYC, the city I loved. Have since been living a boxed life. Spent some time in Florida (I love the ocean). Spent some time in Michigan (I love my family). My job ended this year, the same week my Aunt (who I was extremely close with) moved to Heaven. I floundered with ups and downs this Fall trying to make sense of it all. But some things will never make sense. It just is.

Now, here we are, moving into a new year. When the world crashes in on you, floundering is to be expected. But unless you want to live there indefinitely, you have to choose to pick up the pieces and re-create your life. So I’ve stuck some stakes in the ground. I’ve claimed what I want. I choose to live with faith, hope, and love. A better tomorrow depends on my perspective today.

I’m excited for 2023, to see how it unfolds. In every arena… new job, new home, new hobbies (pickleball anyone?). And I’m looking to add some new categories to my blog with the philosophy of…


and also


So here’s to a successful and beautiful 2023 for us all — create the life you desire!


Broken is Beautiful by The Young Escape

Turning My Heart by The Young Escape

Blog Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

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