Photo Day: Houston St., we have a problem…

This past Saturday was an interesting photo day. The downtown Fort Worth tour we had anticipated got cancelled due to the tour guide having a water pipe bust in his apartment that morning. Eek, I sure hope all worked out ok for him. So, now left to venture the Fort Worth Streets completely unaware of any historical context, my friend and I began a self-guided tour heading south on Houston St., from Sundance Square to the Water Gardens. And I’ll say we did quite a fabulous job (at least of entertaining ourselves)!

Walking in the shade on the brisk day proved more chilly than our first outing to the Fort Worth Botanicals early February (which was around my cold limit (‘cuz I’m a wimp)). The high angle of the sun created great challenges, excuse me, opportunities, for practicing exposure settings as many situations were half in the sun, half in the shade. All to say, we survived and are becoming better photographers because of it, and isn’t that what life is all about… the journey of becoming.

Photos were shot with a Nikon D3200.

Flicker Album

FW Downtown | 03.2016

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