Stories untold

I stand on the corner.I hold a sign.I fought for your freedom,but you drive on by.Love me anyway.I’m rushed, and I’m busy,no time to rest.Four kids, three jobs;I’m trying my best.Love me anyway.I’m pretty and perfectthat’s what you see,but a hellish turmoiltears inside me.Love me anyway.I cut you off in traffic;you laid on your horn.My…… Continue reading Stories untold

Be free

behind the shouts and screams is a wounded soulcrying out the only way she knows howrepeating patterns she was taughtfighting hate with hate as an emotional robotchanting the words she was told to sayhidden chains guiding her day-by-dayto think for oneself is not her normshe closes her eyes to conformblindly walking down a mandated pathjoined…… Continue reading Be free