One hundred percent

You are one hundred percent correct.If you think the world is for you, it is.If you think the world is against you, it is.That’s the principle of like attracting like.What you send out, will come back.Regardless of your circumstance,you are always the one who has control.Control over your thoughts;control over your feelings;control over your actions.Like…… Continue reading One hundred percent

We Are Creators

The energy field around someoneforms in direct alignmentto that person’s focus.And the potency of that energy fieldis in direct alignmentto the intensity of that person’s emotions.The vibrations we send outare way more powerfulthan we often recognize.So choose wisely.For that which you getcomes from that which you send out.We are creators.That’s the universe’s guarantee.-akw- ___©2021 Angel…… Continue reading We Are Creators