We Are Creators

The energy field around someoneforms in direct alignmentto that person’s focus.And the potency of that energy fieldis in direct alignmentto the intensity of that person’s emotions.The vibrations we send outare way more powerfulthan we often recognize.So choose wisely.For that which you getcomes from that which you send out.We are creators.That’s the universe’s guarantee.-akw- ___©2021 Angel…… Continue reading We Are Creators


Like a battering of wind and rain,I was eroded just enoughfor my phoenix to riseup out of the ashesand into the skies.The pain forced upon meeventually opening my eyesdeciphering my worththrough an ocean of lies.I’m starting over;I’m starting clean;I’m staring to feellife is serene.In the midst of my pain,I can choose to aimhigher.I’m created formore.-akw-…… Continue reading Higher