Summer Rain

red clay and gravel roads
divots forming as the rain pelts
out of breath, running away
my heart aching as the pain melts

never did I think I’d find you
just to lose you all over again,
but here I am standing broken
looking down, I’ve lost my friend

life is short, and we both knew this
still we promised that we’d do this
so here I dance in the summer rain
when I close my eyes, you’re doing the same



©2022 Angel K Will
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You judge me,
yet you don’t really know me.

But I get it.

You judge me
because you have felt judged.

How about we throw out
the opinions of others?

I invite you to come
and experience me for yourself.

Enter into my courtyard—
a place of love, mercy, and grace.

The gates are always open.
The invitation always remains.

I welcome you to come
and taste for yourself.

Oh, how I do hope
you accept my invitation.

Oh, how I do hope
you join the celebration.

There is always room for you here.

I want to sweep you up in my arms,
and dance with you forever.

May I?


©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

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He swept her off her feet.
She took his breath away.
For love to survive
don’t let the romance die.

We get back
what we’re willing to put in.
Treasure and cherish
from beginning to end.

The secret to lasting love
is treating each moment like the first.
Ignite that little spark
and a blazing flame can burst.

Remember how
he swept you off your feet.
Remember how
she took your breath away.

Take the time.
Do the work.
Renew those firsts,
and together you’ll last.

©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Thirdman from Pexels