Nature’s Language

The snow-laden path crunches beneath my feet;
the frosty air turns my nose red and runny;
the twinkling of stars in the distance catches my eye
as I see my breath expand before me.

Nature’s beauty and power all around
speaking a language only my heart understands.
It tells me I’m not alone for God is here with me.



©2022 Angel K Will
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Out to the Sea

The sun warming my face;
a cool breeze across my shoulders
as the waves slap against the shore.
My hair tousled by the wind;
the smell of crisp, salty air I breathe in.

Birds circling above;
some as friends, some on solo ventures.
I watch and feel a lightness cover me
as the burdens of the day drift away,
out to the sea — far from me.

Peace fills my heart.

I dig my toes into the cool sand;
each individual speck working together.
I lose track of time;
caught in the simplicity of nature.

I see kids and pets running along the shore.
Free as those birds above,
not a care in the world.
Staying in the here and now;
they are the joy of being.

I reset my mind.
Nature helps with that.
It brings me home,
to simplicity.

Peace fills my heart.

All else drifts away,
out to the sea — far from me.


©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Melanie Wupperman from Pexels

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Nature’s walks

Dappling lights
through the trees.
The sun’s rays cast
a goldenrod shimmer.

Mother nature
orchestrates her song,
as the wind rustles
through the leaves.

I breathe into life
as life breathes into me.
On nature’s walks
I find tranquility.


©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez from Pexels

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One hundred percent

You are one hundred percent correct.

If you think the world is for you, it is.
If you think the world is against you, it is.

That’s the principle of like attracting like.
What you send out, will come back.

Regardless of your circumstance,
you are always the one who has control.

Control over your thoughts;
control over your feelings;
control over your actions.

Like attracts like is a principle of the universe.
It is true whether you accept it or not.

Much like gravity.
It just is.

You are always
one-hundred percent correct.

©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Rafael Guajardo from Pexels; Edited by AKW

A winter’s night

Reflections on the water
of the moon and stars
like diamonds
dancing on glass.

A spotlight highlighting
each and every twinkle
as the snow softly falls
texturing the dance floor.


©2021 Angel K Will
Photos by Avery Nielsen-Webb, Cameron Casey and Pixabay. Edited by AKW.

To drift like the wood

Driftwood… made smoother by the tides, winds, and waves. Much like life, I too can be made smoother by the ups, downs and all arounds.

To accept or resist, therein lies my choice.

Do I view the world in full color or black and white? Do I go back and forth between one and the other? Is there a right or wrong, or just a difference of perspective?

As I observe and engage with the world around me, I perceive situations through my personally tinted glasses, as does each individual. This is my reality, or at least my illusion of reality. My experience—my interaction, my reaction—is in direct relation to who I am at that moment in time, and who I am is correlated to the life I have thus far experienced.

Therefore, all of life is a cyclical trajectory toward either the expansion or contraction of living—toward either love or fear. I move in and out of these two aspects as times passes—the hours, days, weeks, months and years. Two opposite yet guiding forces directing my path—yin and yang.

Once again, therein lies my choice—expand my life in love or contract my life in fear.

No two pieces of driftwood are alike—each unique. Much like human beings, who together, make up humanity. What a world, if we were to appreciate, respect and learn from one other. Our differences being viewed as complementary, each strengthening the whole.

How do I view differences—as strengths or weaknesses, will I build up or tear down?

Once again, therein lies my choice.

That is life, isn’t it. All choice. Will I pick the option that enhances my life or will I pick the option that detracts from my life. The latter typically being the default if we don’t choose to live with purposeful intent.

These are things I ponder as I walk along the shore of Lake Michigan.

PS: Does anyone else see the heart in the above piece of driftwood?

©2021 Angel K Will (photos + writings)

Still of the night

Taken away
into the still of the night.

The rustling of leaves
as we trek along,
deep into the woods.

You reach for my hand
as we leap across
the bubbling creek.

Two souls alone and longing
for the solitude and simplicity,
outreached by the city sounds and lights.

The crescent moon and chandelier stars
track our moves like a spotlight
on nature’s dance floor.

Our heartbeats
keeping rhythm.

Until the sun rises,
we’ll stay lost in the woods.

Taken away
into the still of the night.

(Inspiration for this poem was Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 – Prélude)

©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram • Twitter
Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels


to relish in the magnificence
and beauty of the every day;
cherishing the mundane as holy
patiently being still
quieting one’s mind

to commune with the Heavens
to connect with One and All
our union lies with the Divine
in moments of simplicity

a state of pure and deep love



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©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram
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