Summer Rain

red clay and gravel roads
divots forming as the rain pelts
out of breath, running away
my heart aching as the pain melts

never did I think I’d find you
just to lose you all over again,
but here I am standing broken
looking down, I’ve lost my friend

life is short, and we both knew this
still we promised that we’d do this
so here I dance in the summer rain
when I close my eyes, you’re doing the same



©2022 Angel K Will
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This Holiday Scene

Diamonds dancing across the ground
reflecting the starlit sky.
A winter chill in the air
as strangers pass on by.

I’m sitting on a wooden bench
enjoying this holiday scene.
Taking it all in;
the beauty is serene.

The smell of sappy firs,
carols echoing nearby,
cherished memories in my heart,
a teardrop in my eye.



©2021 Angel K Will
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GOD is so much more: a poetry collection,
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Foggy Mourn

The fog sitting stale over the rolling hills
after a treacherous rain
mirrors my bleak and muted heart,
still in disbelief that you were taken away.

But hope, buried deep,
knows in time the fog will rise and dissipate.
A day of sunlight will shine once more
though now I sit in my foggy mourn.

My faith clings to God’s promise,
that in due time, hope will resurrect
my heart of sorrow into life once again.



©2021 Angel K Will
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God came

2 am, numb
holding pictures
I collapse

my heart sinks
as I admit
you’re gone

it was sudden
no warning
a nightmare come true

now all alone
gasping for air
sobs restricting my breath

when a blank of warmth
surrounds me
and holds me tight
like a hug from Heaven

at my lowest point
in my personal hell
God came
and held me

my Spirit felt
and my Soul believes
I’ll get through

He’ll carry me
back to life


©2021 Angel K Will
Photos by Lisa Fotios from Pexels and CottonBro

A Cherished Rose


I stepped inside the solitary room and observed her from a distance. It was just the two of us. Her make-up done the way she always wore it. Her short, soft curls cemented by Rave aerosol hairspray. I walked over with her perfume bottle and spritzed it across her neck. Wafting the sweet smell toward me, I breathed in a cinnamon musk with hints of rose.

Slow and rhythmically, I traced my fingers up and and down the bones in her hand, from the wrist to the fingernails and back again. Then I leaned against the casket and studied her face, noticing the bump on the bridge of her nose. Like mine but smaller. How had I never noticed that before?

I took a deep breathe as the pressure built in my sinuses and eyes; tears trying to escape. Glancing toward the ceiling, I attempted to keep my eyelid dams from breaking, or at least slow the pace. But salty water quickly inched from the corners as my mind drifted off to memories.


“What are you doing?” she asked as I followed her around my kitchen with a plate in my hand.
“Well, you’re spilling crumbs everywhere,” I replied.

She walked back to the counter and put the last bite of toast in her mouth. She chewed and swallowed and in an unassuming manner replied “when you have guests over, let them do as they want to do. Let them be comfortable as if this were their own home. You can clean up after they leave.”

She placed the plate in the sink and frictioned off the remaining crumbs from her hands, then left the room. I watched amused while admitting I just learned another tid-bit of Mimi wisdom.


Pulling a chair away from the wall, I sat beside her in silence. Then I picked up her glasses from the table, the ones with a small rose etched on each of the arms, and slid them over her ears, resting them gently on her nose. I cupped my hands around hers, aged and worn by love and sacrifice. I wasn’t ready to let go. I don’t think we’re ever ready to let go.


The memory is from the post Mimi and her toast, a nonfiction vignette. But the above vignette is fiction, inspired by nonfiction. What would that be called, the blending of real and imagined… just, creative writing?

©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  • Twitter
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The station, 1903

We walked to the station in silence.
Your bags had been packed for a week.
I told you I was happy
you were chasing after all you seek.

But my grief was welling up inside.
My strength taking its toll.
I wouldn’t look your direction
for my spirit I couldn’t console.

Your hand touched my back and I stiffened.
A deep breath I breathed out.
I know it sounded of disgust
but sorrow is what it was really about.

I heard them make the announcement
it was nearing your time to go.
I wanted to waltz out of those doors
and never look back or show

you, how my heart was breaking
for having to say goodbye.
A piece of me was dying,
dying deep inside.

You turned around to face me
and tilted your head against mine.
I could feel your sadness too,
but where do we draw the line?

This is my station in life
I’ve come to accept that fact.
But you were meant for greater things
go, and don’t look back.

With an aching in my heart
I gained the nerve to say
“Don’t kiss me right now
if you’re going to walk away.

For I can only forget you
if our lips never touch.”
Yet you pulled me close,
how I longed for this so much.

You cupped my face between your hands
and placed your lips to mine.
This is the moment where our grief
met the great divine.

“I don’t want you ever to forget me,”
you whispered in my ear.
Then turned to board the train
as dampness infused the atmosphere.

I watched as you grew smaller,
disappearing into the night.
A kiss to linger on my lips,
only memories to hold me tight.


©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram • Facebook • Twitter
Photo by Alexander Zvir from Pexels

WP: Rock and Stone

Rock and Stone

The ocean’s tide calls my name
as the waves dangerously crash
against the crest of rock and stone.

I dip my toe and displace
the brownish-green algae
from my path.

Singing my childhood lullaby
under the crystal chandelier
of moon and stars
glistening on the breaking water.

A walrus billows in the distance.
Seagulls caw overhead.
Your silhouette appears on an island.
I envision a table for two.

I’m coming; you’ll be alone no longer.
You and me. Side by side.
Once again.

The above was written from a Gotham Writer’s WRITING PROMPT: Write a poem of 20 lines or fewer (doesn’t need to rhyme), using the following words: side, green, walrus, danger, star, table, (a number), sing.

I had completed the above writing prompt at home as I tend to work ahead, and a few weeks later it also came up as an in-class exercise. There was a phrase added to the list: “Let me tell you.” So I needed to re-vision the words for a new poem. This was actually interesting as I realized my words were quite hooked to my original poem. It took a little time, and there are some similarities, but the following is my “new” poem.


Softly I sing a melody
I heard once
as I wait
at an ocean-side cafe.

I anticipate you’ll soon arrive
as I sip from my glass of chardonnay.

The stars sparkling in the evening sky
like jewels catching the glimmer
of Broadway’s lights.
The echo of seagulls and walruses
ring through the air of night.

Your piercing green eyes catch mine
as you lean close and whisper in my ear…
“Let me tell you.
Let me tell you.
How incredible
you look

Photo by Angel K Will, available on Society6

©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  • Twitter

This prompt is from Gotham Writers, Creative Writing Class. Check out their site by clicking here. I’ve taken a few courses and highly recommend it—great instructors, great classes.

When you lose someone you love…

As you sit in the darkness
let your tears stream down your face
let your anger burst forth and release it

cling to the glimmer
cling to the glimmer of light
for it is your hope

As you wait in the darkness
let time pass by
grieve for how your life will be different now

cling to the glimmer
cling to the glimmer of light
for it is your hope

As you stand in the darkness
stand in the midst of your pain
you will find a strength you never knew you had

cling to the glimmer
cling to the glimmer of light
for it is your hope

As you sit,
as you wait,
as you stand,
this glimmer of light will become wider and brighter
and in time it will engulf your darkness and the light will fully shine over you again

but until then
cling to the glimmer
cling to the glimmer of light
for it is your hope

©2016 Angel K. Will