A Beautiful Story

There is a beautiful story
filled with joy and love;
a Savior for all mankind
sent from up above.

To show us how to love each other,
to be compassionate and true.
This precious, little gift from Heaven
came for me and you.




©2021 Angel K Will
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A Haiku: Inspiration

Inspiration is
all that makes your insides squirm
with joy and delight.



ANNOUNCEMENT: Soon-to-be-released poetry collection by akw — God is so much more — Swim in the ocean of love, melt in the arms of assurance, and find a peace beyond understanding; a discovery that God is… so much more.

©2021 Angel K Will
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The joy of Saturday.

Waking up and
relaxingly sipping
my coffee.

Resting and pondering
as time evaporates.

The sun high
in the sky
warming my face
as I stare
with closed eyes.

The circling blue jay
has become
my Saturday
afternoon friend.

He likes the
cinnamon sticks
I leave behind
as time evaporates.

The sun softly saying goodnight
as the moon welcomes itself home.
Quiet, alone, content.

The joy of Saturday.


©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Michelle Leman from Pexels