The Book

Wandering.Aimless.I enter.Smelling the must of vintage bookshorizontally lined across the shelveswith some stacked against the walls.Broken.Searching.Trying to find my way.Filling the voidwith all the thingsother people say.An emptiness aches within.I struggle to find any satisfaction.Then I pick up one of the books,used and faded like me,pages crumpled and torn.The underlineddrawing my attention.I read,God’s grace is…… Continue reading The Book

Healing Path

The path of the broken-hearted will eventually lead to hope.The path of hope will eventually lead to peace.And until you have the strength to carry yourselfon these paths toward healingyou can find rest with Me. And no, it won’t be easy to travelthese paths that caused you pain,but by fixating on your heartacheonly more heartache…… Continue reading Healing Path

It is in the storm

In the raging of stormsthough you may feel caughtthere is an escapewhen shelter is soughtAs darkness grows fierceand noise deafens earspeace can be foundwhen you release your fearsLean into the Onewho has ultimate controlHe will fight your battleand protect your soulLove overcomesin this rageful stormThere’s no need to believedarkness is the normGod has already woneven…… Continue reading It is in the storm