In All Times

Many timesit’s the breakingthat causes opportunityfor healing.Many timesit’s the wearing downthat empowers oneto rise up.Many timesit’s the final strawthat becomes the flamethat lights our fire.Many timessituations that cause painare the stepping stonesto greatness.In all times,and in all things,we have a choicein our responding.-akw- ___©2021 Angel K WillPhoto by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

The station, 1903

We walked to the station in silence.Your bags had been packed for a week.I told you I was happyyou were chasing after all you seek.But my grief was welling up inside.My strength taking its toll.I wouldn’t look your directionfor my spirit I couldn’t console.Your hand touched my back and I stiffened.A deep breath I breathed…… Continue reading The station, 1903