God came

2 am, numbholding picturesI collapsemy heart sinksas I admityou’re goneit was suddenno warninga nightmare come truenow all alonegasping for airsobs restricting my breathwhen a blank of warmth surrounds meand holds me tightlike a hug from Heavenat my lowest pointin my personal hellGod cameand held memy Spirit feltand my Soul believesI’ll get throughHe’ll carry me back…… Continue reading God came

A Cherished Rose

A VIGNETTE: I stepped inside the solitary room and observed her from a distance. It was just the two of us. Her make-up done the way she always wore it. Her short, soft curls cemented by Rave aerosol hairspray. I walked over with her perfume bottle and spritzed it across her neck. Wafting the sweet…… Continue reading A Cherished Rose

The station, 1903

We walked to the station in silence.Your bags had been packed for a week.I told you I was happyyou were chasing after all you seek.But my grief was welling up inside.My strength taking its toll.I wouldn’t look your directionfor my spirit I couldn’t console.Your hand touched my back and I stiffened.A deep breath I breathed…… Continue reading The station, 1903