That spark of light

When you’re living in the illusionthat all you’ve been taught is realThe truth that comes with seekingis what seems to be surrealSo push past all the discomfortif you want to truly be freeFor the darkness seeks to keep us enslavedby dominating over you and meThe darkness seeks to hold on tightand never let us goIt…… Continue reading That spark of light


I will gladly risk my life for freedomour soldiers do it every day.So please don’t make me rebelby taking our constitutional rights away.I will stand and defend freedomeven within America’s walls.These mandates on our liberties are divisivefor some want to see us stumble and fall.A slow burn continues to riseas corruption convalutes this story,suggesting we…… Continue reading Liberty

The Gift

frolic in the cotton candy cloudsdance in the torrential stormsone will inevitablytransition into the otherand back againsuch is the progression of lifesmiles and tearsjoys and painselation and despairthe yin and the yangwe can only experiencein relation to that which is notit is a gift from abovethe full freedomof experiencethe full freedomof lifethe full freedomof Godso,…… Continue reading The Gift