Clean Slate

Sometimes, to start over, you must throw out
all that you clung to, all that was holding you back.

Start fresh with a clean slate.
Breathe easy; it’s never too late.

Hope encourages.
Faith perseveres.
Love wins.

Go now, do and be.


*** HAPPY 2022 ***


©2022 Angel K Will
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All this and more

Peace is found in acceptance.
Acceptance is found in faith.
Faith is found in hope.
Hope is found in love.
Love is found in God.

God is all this and more.



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©2021 Angel K Will
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Foggy Mourn

The fog sitting stale over the rolling hills
after a treacherous rain
mirrors my bleak and muted heart,
still in disbelief that you were taken away.

But hope, buried deep,
knows in time the fog will rise and dissipate.
A day of sunlight will shine once more
though now I sit in my foggy mourn.

My faith clings to God’s promise,
that in due time, hope will resurrect
my heart of sorrow into life once again.



©2021 Angel K Will
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God came

2 am, numb
holding pictures
I collapse

my heart sinks
as I admit
you’re gone

it was sudden
no warning
a nightmare come true

now all alone
gasping for air
sobs restricting my breath

when a blank of warmth
surrounds me
and holds me tight
like a hug from Heaven

at my lowest point
in my personal hell
God came
and held me

my Spirit felt
and my Soul believes
I’ll get through

He’ll carry me
back to life


©2021 Angel K Will
Photos by Lisa Fotios from Pexels and CottonBro