A Beautiful Story

There is a beautiful story
filled with joy and love;
a Savior for all mankind
sent from up above.

To show us how to love each other,
to be compassionate and true.
This precious, little gift from Heaven
came for me and you.




©2021 Angel K Will
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Give me away

I’m always with you
even when you give me away.

I encourage you to give me away
as that is how I stay with you even longer.

When you give me away, I promise to stay with you
and brighten the day of the person you give me to.

I will stay with this new person for as long as they wish,
and my time with them will be extended if they too give me away.

This beautiful cycle continues indefinitely,
as I am infinite and eternal.

Can you imagine if all of humanity
gave me away at once.

Could the world handle
that kind of ecstatic combustion?

Might that bring the Heavens down to earth?

And to think, it all starts so simply,
by freely giving me away.


©2021 Angel K Will
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To catch, to feel, to steal

to catch a glimpse of your beauty
to feel your heart beat next to mine
i lay awake at night, dreaming of the time

when we’ll next be together
hidden away from the worlds we know
to steal precious moments where forbidden love can grow



©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels