A Haiku: Shining

The sun shining through

Casting both shadows and light

Which will I follow?


As I thought about this, I saw the play on words with the “sun” and the “Son” so here’s an alternative haiku…

The Son shining down

Casting light thus shadows

The yin-yang of life


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Photo by Maísa Borges from Pexels

The Gift

frolic in the cotton candy clouds
dance in the torrential storms

one will inevitably
transition into the other
and back again

such is the progression of life

smiles and tears
joys and pains
elation and despair

the yin and the yang

we can only experience
in relation to that which is not

it is a gift from above

the full freedom
of experience
the full freedom
of life
the full freedom
of God

so, play in the clouds
and dance in the storms

it is all for you



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Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels