With sincere compliments and affirmations,
I can tattoo a beautiful impression of love
on someone’s heart.



©2021 Angel K Will
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True satisfaction
comes only from God,
the Source
of all things.

Who knows
the number of hairs
on your head.

Who calls you by name.

Who waits patiently
for you to come home.

Welcoming you back
to merciful love
with open arms.

This is where
true satisfaction
will be found.

In the here and now,
you can bring
Heaven to earth
by finding rest
in your Creator.

Your Source.

Reconnect and feel
true satisfaction.


©2021 Angel K Will
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ponder this and that
wonder what can and what can’t
take off the limits, go explore
find freedom in knowing
there’s always more
endless options lead the way
beautiful possibilities every day


©2021 Angel K Will
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My only question

Life is a collection of moments;
whatever those may be,
and the choice is mine to determine
what it is I see.

There’ll always be peaks and valleys;
there’ll be both sun and rain,
and how I choose to look at it
will determine my joy or pain.

Nothing set before me
is written in concrete or stone.
I am the author of my story;
my destiny is my own.

I can play a victim,
or I can overcome.
How I respond to what’s before me
is determined by only one.

There is no right or wrong;
there is no pass or fail.
When I breathe my last breath
my only question will be…


©2021 Angel K Will
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Imagine… peace
Feel… peace
Be… peace
Exude… peace

Peace is the neutral state
from which one can
think and feel and process
in a rational manner

Peace is a state of calm and serenity
In the stillness, there is clarity
Peace allows truth to flow
and solutions to come forth

When my world within is at peace
I can share peace to the world without


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