Healing Path

The path of the broken-hearted will eventually lead to hope.The path of hope will eventually lead to peace.And until you have the strength to carry yourselfon these paths toward healingyou can find rest with Me. And no, it won’t be easy to travelthese paths that caused you pain,but by fixating on your heartacheonly more heartache…… Continue reading Healing Path

Christmas Morning Memories

VIGNETTTE December 1987I sat on the cream-colored sofa and slowly slid my 8-year old body to the edge. Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite played in the background as the crackling fire masked the sound of my internal excitement. It was an ice-covered, Oklahoma Christmas morning, and we had opened all the usual presents. The things we needed—socks…… Continue reading Christmas Morning Memories

Still of the night

Taken awayinto the still of the night.The rustling of leavesas we trek along,deep into the woods.You reach for my handas we leap acrossthe bubbling creek.Two souls alone and longingfor the solitude and simplicity,outreached by the city sounds and lights.The crescent moon and chandelier starstrack our moves like a spotlighton nature’s dance floor. Our heartbeatskeeping rhythm.Until…… Continue reading Still of the night

Freedom Patriots (an acrostic)

F.or some,R.easons known,E.nough is enough.E.very American shares this trait.D.utifully protected.O.pposition defeated.M.ake way for Freedom.P.rotected under the Constitution.A.fforded by God, our Creator.T.ranscending all things.R.ighteously defended.I.ntrinsic value for all mankind.O.ne foundational principle for life.T.o protect Freedom, Patriots will fight.S.tanding firm on our God-given rights.-akw- ___©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  •  TwitterPhoto by Tim Mossholder from Pexels