Photo Day: Butterflies & Botanicals

The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place to visit. They are currently hosting their Butterfly exhibit in the Conservatory (does anyone else think of the game “Clue” when they hear that word?) now through Sunday, April 3, 2016. You can get all the details on their website. When asked what kind of animal…… Continue reading Photo Day: Butterflies & Botanicals

Photo Day: Downtown Grapevine

Spent a half-day tromping around Downtown Grapevine for some picturesque fun with friends… I was shooting with a Nikon D3200, mostly an 18-55 lens. My favorite from this trip is probably “Elvis has NOT left the building” reflection photo. A 30-second video collage on speed can be found below and the full Photo Album on…… Continue reading Photo Day: Downtown Grapevine