Start at the very beginning…

It’s a very good place to start. When you read you begin with A, B, C, when you…

Is anyone else familiar with that song? Julie Andrews, excuse me, Maria, sings it in my favorite musical – The Sound of Music.

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to hold off on things because I’m waiting for the “perfect” time. But there’s no such thing as the “perfect” time, there’s only the “now” time. So I’m no longer waiting. Planning? Sure. But not holding off until the timing is “perfect.”

So the following is to be considered my beginning. And it’s a very good place to start…

I’ve created a Facebook page to showcase my photo+graphic art. And they’re categorized by album such as Urban, Nature, Abstract, and more.

You can check it out at…

Angel K Will, Creative Studio

Some pieces include…

Life is a journey of improvement so there’s no better time to start than now. Because if you wait for “perfection,” death will surely find you first.

Have a blessed day!

Experimenting with Steel Wool Photography

Oh, the fun of playing with fire…

Headed out to the country with a friend this past weekend to experiment with lighting steel wool on fire and seeing what kind of imagery we might obtain. I must say, we weren’t disappointed. 


A couple rounds of perfecting the packing of the steel wool in the whisk and we began getting the bountiful sparks we were anticipating.


This proved a fun mission in the pitch black of night, and I’m getting better at working my camera settings in the dark. Our excursion came to an end just after midnight as the lenses began fogging easily due to the drop in temperature and much moisture in the air. 

I would highly recommend wearing long sleeves, long pants, closed-toed shoes and a cap to protect any hairsprayed hair if you don’t want any slightly scorched areas on your being.


I’m excited to scout more picturesque environments to showcase the abstract creations of the steel wool photography.

More fun and excitement to come…

West 7th St. Bridge, Fort Worth TX

Met friends for another bridge outing, this time in Fort Worth, the West 7th Street Bridge.

7th-street-bridge-fort-worth-angelkwill in-the-7th-street-bridge-fort-worth-angelkwill

I’m happy with these pictures but didn’t quite get the trailing lights I was hoping for. There’s so little traffic later in the evenings in stark contrast with the dreadful DFW traffic at rush hour.

At one point I moseyed toward the 3 foot wide cement median between each direction of lanes to cop a squat and snap a few picts, but realized this may not have been my best judgment when a truck zipped by honking. So after a couple longer exposures, I felt it was safest to scurry back to the pedestrian walkway alongside the bridge. The disappointing part of that attempt was that I risked my life and those pictures didn’t even come close to what I had envisioned. Best to have my settings predetermined before attempting questionable scenarios. Lesson learned.

I tried scaling up one of the arches on the bridge but decided to save that for another day as my 10 year old tennis shoes proved to have zero grip. But, at the suggestion of a friend, I pulled my shoes off and tried barefoot, still to no avail. I think they coat that bridge with some type of smoothing polish to discourage people who like crawling on things. Must buy hiking boots and come back to scale that slippery sucker! I really want a bird’s eye view at the top of one of the arches. Might not be that spectacular of a shot since it’s not that tall of a bridge, so it’s mostly to satisfy my inkling to climb on things.

seeing-fort-worth-on-the-7th-street-bridge-angelkwill 7th-street-bridge-light-out-fort-worth-angelkwill

We ended the night just up the river at the Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Bridge, a pedestrian walkway lit up in bright blue lights, and quite blinding if you walk up to it at the wrong angle. But eventually I got my sight back and was able to capture a couple photographs before my battery died. I loaded my spare to discover it hadn’t been charged (this wasn’t the first time I brought a spare that ended up being dead, but it’s becoming a more rare occurrence so I’m moving in the right direction, and growth is what counts, right?!).

phyllis-j-tilley-memorial-bridge-angelkwill feeling-blue-under-the-bridge-down-by-the-river-angelkwill

So that was the night.

The End.


Shop bridges and other photo+graphic art prints by clicking here.

Bridge Architecture, MHHB Dallas

I love the wiry suspension of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas so when thinking about my next photo outing, it quickly came to mind.

The bridge is named after Margaret Hunt Hill, an heiress and philanthropist.

Construction began in Spring 2007 and the bridge opened in Spring 2012. I’m not sure about downtime, but that seems like a crazy long time to build a bridge, no matter how “purty.” It was anticipated to cost $117 million but the project’s total cost is thought to have been $182 million. Yowzah! It has a total length of 1,870 feet (570 m), a main span of 1,197 feet (365 m), an apex height of 400 feet (122 m), with a signature 40-story center-support arch which easily increases the visibility of the Dallas skyline for many miles in several directions.

It is a very eye-pleasing piece of architecture in my opinion. Kudos to Designer Santiago Calatrava. I would definitely like to photograph more bridges, specifically the Skydance Bridge in OKC, which is a freakishly odd bridge if you’re driving up to it in the middle of the night for the first time. But I’ll save that story for when I get up to OKC to photograph it. Until then, enjoy the rest of the photos from the MHHB outing…

trinity-reflection-on-the-margaret-hunt-hill-bridge-angelkwill margaret-hunt-hill-bridge-arch-dallas-angelkwill under-the-margaret-hunt-hill-bridge-angelkwill viewing-dallas-and-the-margaret-hunt-hill-bridge-angelkwill staying-connected-at-sunset-angelkwill reunion-tower-in-the-distance-from-the-margaret-hunt-hill-bridge-dallas-angelkwill

And as always, when playing at night, here’s my light abstract…


“Blankets of Warmth”

Stats/Facts from Wikipedia

Cityscape at Night, Fort Worth

With a little online research, I found this awesome location to shoot downtown Fort Worth sitting behind the Trinity River which provided stellar colors of reflection. This was an 18 F-stop for overall focus and to starburst the bright light on the right, with a 30-second shutter to catch optimal light, a 100 ISO for highest clarity, and on a tripod for stability. I shot live view so I could zoom in and manually focus as auto often doesn’t cooperate with dark skies (and I often don’t cooperate with auto). I used different exposures and overlapped them in photoshop to get the best consistent coloring and appropriate brightness between the sky, buildings and reflection. I’m pretty happy with the photo created.


We ventured to another location and shot downtown Fort Worth through a railway bridge. I had previously shot this location with B&W film during the day so I knew it had good potential for a night shot. I really liked the composition, especially the leading lines into the city, but not a fan of the super bright white lights at the base of the building.


The train passed through twice and we were only caught off guard once (we now know how to read the green/red light that was down track). The first time the train passed, I was wrapping up a 30-second exposure so couldn’t get any action, it passed through about the last 4 seconds of my shot, but with a 30-second exposure, you couldn’t even tell. But the light prepped us for the next coming train. I dropped down to an 8-second and got this beauty…


I was absolutely giddy when that photo finished processing.

And lastly, I can’t spend time outside at night and not attempt some experimental abstracts with light. The image below is 3 building light reflection areas on the Trinity River that I shot on a 20-or so-second shutter while moving my tripod’d camera in a specific pattern. It’s called “The Chase” and I was really happy with the final image.


Oh, one more image created with a couple photoshop tweaks…


The End.

(or maybe I should say “To Be Continued…”)

Roller Derby Madness

Death Row Rumblers V. Wrecking Crew

Photographed my first Roller Derby Match and turned it into a video montage. Here’s the action in 60-seconds…

Now that’s a sport I’d be interested in trying out. And I already figured out my name – “Rebel Rouser.” If only I were more coordinated on skates. Maybe next year…

The lighting was pretty low so had to shoot with a crazy high ISO in order to have a fast enough shutter to capture the motion. I tried both manual and auto focus and found the camera was better than me in this fast action. Although, it did miss some shots I was attempting. Better to miss some shots and have some in focus than to have all of them but not sharp quality. Sacrifice one for the other, at least until I get a faster lens.

I plan to attend more matches so I can get more hands-on experience, but I have a feeling I may start to get riled up enough that I just can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. Here comes Rebel Rouser!



Your typical grad shoot, kinda…

When someone is graduating from High School or College it’s important to capture the traditional style of a “graduation” portrait that will look good in a yearbook and immortalize this very important moment in time, specifically for the parentals.

So, on my most recent outing, we headed to Trinity Park and the Swift Buildings, with a quick stop over at a downtown Parking Garage for a few rooftop picts. During the shoot, I’m a pretty strong click-a-holic as it allows me to create a well documented “Fast Forward” video (raw images) of our photoshoot activities. And I love those “in between” moments that can only be captured when the person isn’t aware (blog main image and the image below). It’s so true, a picture can speak a thousand words…

This black and white image, with her perfectly authentic in the moment facial expression (she had been shaking the hair out of her face a split second before as it was a crazy windy day), reminds me stylistically of a 90’s Calvin Klein ad. The shot was intentional, but not stylizing it like CK. That just happened. I noticed it when I was back home, reviewing through the imagery. The older I get the more true the phrase “nothing new under the sun” becomes. Regardless, I love it…


See a few more images on Flickr.

She was a blast to shoot and her personality and energy really comes across well in this Fast Forward Video (song is “Who I Am” by Blanca)…



Experimental Abstract Photography Shoot

Got together with friends for pizza and a night of playing in the park with lights and slow shutter speeds, with and without tripods, shooting up, shooting down, shooting all around, and what a fun time we had.

The coolest thing about experimental light shooting is you might have an idea of what you want, but it seems the best images come from unintended clicks of the shutter. Or maybe that’s just me. But it seems no matter what you do, something fascinating is bound to come of it.

Living life with a camera in hand takes me back to the creativity of my early elementary years when we would make up stories to fill the time at recess. You never wanted to go inside because there was always another chapter, and you didn’t want it to “…be continued.” I feel like that kid again, playing uninhibited and care free. After all, I’ve always liked recess…

My favorite images from the night can be viewed on Flickr.

Abstract Light Painting | 04.2016

Capture the moments!

Skate Park Fever

It’s not often that I slow down and chill in front of the TV, but if I pass by and see any kind of extreme sport, I have no problem losing track of time. It’s like I enter a hypnotized state of vicarious living through the ridiculously amazing stunts they successfully (I pray) land, time after time after time.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been mesmerized with extreme sports. Their talent and fearlessness is to be admired. Personally, I gave up the desire for scrapes, strains, sprains and broken bones a long, long time ago. That’s probably part of why I absolutely love watching it. It’s the only way I can experience it.

I think extreme sports are probably one of the best ways to truly feel alive. There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush that surges through your veins when you face a fear head-on. I’ve jumped out of a plane and it was the most exhilarating experience. I would do it every weekend if it didn’t cost so much. But for now, and until I live near the ocean where I’ll surf the breaks every sunrise, my season pass to Six Flags will continue to satisfy my adrenaline fix, specifically the Titan and Mr. Freeze ‘coasters where I can be found in the front row, hands in the air, acting like I just don’t care…

All that to say, this past Saturday night, after spending the day at Deep Ellum’s Art Festival, we swung by Lively Skate Park to practice some in-motion shots. The guys there were great and it was exciting to be so close to the action. I’m definitely going to be shooting there again as well as some Motocross and Roller Derby events in the area.

I have a feeling I could really get into action photography.

View the full album on Flickr.