Like a battering of wind and rain,I was eroded just enoughfor my phoenix to riseup out of the ashesand into the skies.The pain forced upon meeventually opening my eyesdeciphering my worththrough an ocean of lies.I’m starting over;I’m starting clean;I’m staring to feellife is serene.In the midst of my pain,I can choose to aimhigher.I’m created formore.-akw-…… Continue reading Higher

New day, new year

An unfolding path,this new day andnew year presents.Lived with intention,that is my choosing.Eyes forward focusedon the here and now,for time I can’t get back.It evaporates like dewon a sunny morn.-akw- (This is a poem for tomorrow January 1st, but I’m not kicking off the new year online so posting early đź’ś) ___©2020 Angel K WillPhoto…… Continue reading New day, new year

Healing Path

The path of the broken-hearted will eventually lead to hope.The path of hope will eventually lead to peace.And until you have the strength to carry yourselfon these paths toward healingyou can find rest with Me. And no, it won’t be easy to travelthese paths that caused you pain,but by fixating on your heartacheonly more heartache…… Continue reading Healing Path

Still of the night

Taken awayinto the still of the night.The rustling of leavesas we trek along,deep into the woods.You reach for my handas we leap acrossthe bubbling creek.Two souls alone and longingfor the solitude and simplicity,outreached by the city sounds and lights.The crescent moon and chandelier starstrack our moves like a spotlighton nature’s dance floor. Our heartbeatskeeping rhythm.Until…… Continue reading Still of the night

Freedom Patriots (an acrostic)

F.or some,R.easons known,E.nough is enough.E.very American shares this trait.D.utifully protected.O.pposition defeated.M.ake way for Freedom.P.rotected under the Constitution.A.fforded by God, our Creator.T.ranscending all things.R.ighteously defended.I.ntrinsic value for all mankind.O.ne foundational principle for life.T.o protect Freedom, Patriots will fight.S.tanding firm on our God-given rights.-akw- ___©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  •  TwitterPhoto by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

What if

To desire justice,to desire truth comes outseems a righteous ask.But in today’s climateof arguing and chaosI question if that’s the ultimate task.It seems more important to be rightthan for justice to truly prevail.Because we’re hunkering intowhat we want to believeinstead of lifting the veil.But what if we’ve been lied to?What if Trump is a good…… Continue reading What if

It is in the storm

In the raging of stormsthough you may feel caughtthere is an escapewhen shelter is soughtAs darkness grows fierceand noise deafens earspeace can be foundwhen you release your fearsLean into the Onewho has ultimate controlHe will fight your battleand protect your soulLove overcomesin this rageful stormThere’s no need to believedarkness is the normGod has already woneven…… Continue reading It is in the storm

That spark of light

When you’re living in the illusionthat all you’ve been taught is realThe truth that comes with seekingis what seems to be surrealSo push past all the discomfortif you want to truly be freeFor the darkness seeks to keep us enslavedby dominating over you and meThe darkness seeks to hold on tightand never let us goIt…… Continue reading That spark of light


I will gladly risk my life for freedomour soldiers do it every day.So please don’t make me rebelby taking our constitutional rights away.I will stand and defend freedomeven within America’s walls.These mandates on our liberties are divisivefor some want to see us stumble and fall.A slow burn continues to riseas corruption convalutes this story,suggesting we…… Continue reading Liberty