Heaven on Earth

We live in a world with a thousand messages
coming at us in a single minute.

The mind gets overloaded
which creates a state of chaos,
and then we act out of that state.

If we want to make good decisions
we must take time for solitude and rest.
When we quiet the mind,
we’re able to hear the heart.

The mind is full of knowledge;
the heart is full of wisdom.
The two are complementary,
and designed to work in harmony.

The mind without the heart works in arrogance.
The heart without the mind works in folly.
This imbalance creates an internal hell.

The mind and heart joining as One
is the balanced and peaceful state,
this is the Heavenlies.

Unite the two, join as One, live the abundance.

This is…
The Way. The Truth. The Life.

This is…
a free gift to those who are open.

Enter into the arms of Love, wooing you.
Enter into the arms of Peace, protecting you.
And you will live in the union, Joy beyond reason.

God invites you to experience Heaven on earth
for that was, is, and always will be
His original and intentional design.

Lean into God and His ways;
live fully as One.


©2023 Angel K Will
Blog Photo by Simon Berger from Pexels

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