Each Day

Each day I will count my blessings
even if the skies turn gray.
I will hold my head toward Heaven
and this is what I’ll say:

“You’ve walked with me in sunshine;
You’ve carried me through the storms.
No matter what’s before me
I choose to be transformed.

My character is developing
as I continue to walk in Your ways.
Your Light brightens my path
guiding all of my days.

Your presence is my peace.
Your love holds me tight.
I have joy in my heart
every day, every night.

That doesn’t mean life is perfect;
it just means I choose to see
the perfection of Your goodness
for that changes me.”

So each day I count my blessings
even when the skies turn gray.
I am grateful to be Your child,
I choose Your Life, Your Truth, Your Way.

©2023 Angel K Will
Blog Photo by jasmin chew from Pexels

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