Recap: January 2023

“You’re always moving toward something; make sure it’s something that matters.”


One month into the new year. Is it everything you hoped for or has it already fallen flat? If you’re sailing through all those new year goals, keep at it. If you’re floundering, get up, dust yourself off, and get at it again. The only failing is in staying down.

Speaking of life’s ups and downs, this performance art was quite spot on in my opinion…

(I love Buitengebieden’s Twitter account; I can’t not smile scrolling through it. 😊)

January has been a bit of a whirlwind for me. I don’t know what I’ve been doing, but I sure feel time has flown by. A month is only 4-ish weeks so I suppose it’s normal for it to pass quickly. Time is funny that way. Fast when we want it slow; slow when we want it fast. And at the same time, tho the sun rises and sets, time is really nothing more than a man-made construct. That’s a line from a poem I wrote. Also, makes me think of a personal experiment a while back…

Time poem (recently published in The Owl in the Concrete Tree)
Losing Track of Time “experiment”

As we move forward into month number two of the year, may you continue on, though sailing or re-setting—choose to make the most of it. Perspective is key to a satisfied life. Count your blessings today, whether big or small. A grateful heart always changes things for the better.

Music Corner

I’m not one for watching music videos. I prefer to create the visuals in my head. Like a preference for reading a good book over watching the movie. But I am thankful lyric videos are so popular these days. And I love the lyrics to this song…

Hold You Tight by Dan Bremnes

Let’s live inspired, love well, and laugh often.

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