A period provides a statement.
Take it or leave it.
It is what it is.
Are you expecting more?

The colon: rank and file, orderly and utilitarian
It’s use: lists, descriptors, goals, structure
But might it be done with more pizzazz?
The em dash—bold, different, beautiful.

The semi-colon is a rambling statement.
Might a re-arrangement of words and thoughts be useful and wise;
the simplification, however, would then negate the necessity of its need, thus bringing about its own demise with lack of use?

The comma, like a breath of fresh air,
creates pause, does it not?
A moment to reflect,
take a breath, be still, and enjoy.

The exclamation point is the eternal optimist!
Or forever drama queen!!!!
Depending on its utilizer!
Wouldn’t you agree?!

The quote, often insightful, yet lackluster.
Why use a quote—can you not think of an original thought?
But maybe you’re using dialogue.
“I am adamantly for quotation marks,” he informs me.

Is not the question mark the punctuation that holds your heart?
Does it not take you on a journey each and every time you meet?
Does it not create excitement and possibility?
Or is it just me?

Varied punctuation adds beauty to the written word.
Much like sentence length and… I know I left some out,
but this is a poem (not a thesis)!



©2023 Angel K Will
Blog Photo by Julia Filirovska from Pexels.

Live Inspired, Love Well, Laugh Often.
Check out the bookstore; check out the art store.

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