Beauty in the Barren

As a tree loses its leaves,
I see beauty in its barrenness
knowing it’s a season that will lead to rebirth.

Too often we resist the natural process
of shedding the old to allow for the new;
resistance arrests our growth and development.

Trust that which fades away was meant to go;
trust it’s all for your best.

Rest in knowing you don’t have to understand
to release and let go; sadness is okay,
but don’t cling to it as an anchor
if you want to move forward and heal.

Let the tears of expression flow;
let them wash over you,
and break the dams of emotional resistance.

Open yourself to Heaven’s healing power.
Trust that resurrection makes all things new.
Learn to see beauty in the barren.



©2022 Angel K Will
Blog Photo by Todd Trapani from Pexels

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