The Most Sold Book

The book sat on the shelf
in pristine condition;
the design was a work of art.

Fabric hardcover with foil imprints.
Illuminated letters starting each section.
The pages a cream linen
soft to the touch.

I held it in high esteem.
Its elegance—a masterpiece.

20 years later…

It’s coffee-stained with dog-eared pages.
Notes written across the top,
down the sides and upside down,
in varied inks of black and blue.

Asterisks note other sections
in reinforcement and contradictions.
Questions expressed and thoughts expanded.
A journal of life’s progression.

Now worn and aged
the masterpiece has become
even more beautiful.

For beauty comes not from observing alone,
but from engaging with
and experiencing for



©2022 Angel K Will
Blog Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Live Inspired, Love Well, Laugh Often
Check out the bookstore; check out the art store

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