Storms of Life

I saw the storm clouds rolling in,
across the horizon, dark and gray.
But it was the direction I had to go
to get home.

My only option was to be wise,
be safe, be prepared the best I could.

Storms are part of life’s journey.
Sometimes they’re just sprinkles.
Sometimes they’re so rough you don’t know how you’ll make it through.
Sometimes you just have to find a place to shelter in their midst.
Instead of passing through the storm, let the storm pass over you.

But rest and know these storm clouds won’t linger forever.
A ray of light is always on the other side, preparing to break through.
No storm can handle the powerful force of Light’s intention.

In time, the sun will fully shine upon your face in all its glorious hues.
And you’ll be stronger having faced and overcome the storm.

Storms of life are inevitable.
How you handle them is up to you.



©2022 Angel K Will
Blog Photo by stein egil liland from Pexels

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4 responses to “Storms of Life”

  1. I’ve always liked poems that hide behind an important lesson in their words. Thank you for this delightful piece of poem!

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    1. Glad you liked it 💛

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  2. So beautifully written and so meaningful! I enjoyed this piece

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Simone 💛 Glad you enjoyed it.

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