Good Night

The winds picking up,
blowing a kaleidoscope of twinkling white.

Diamonds hop-scotching
across the soft, snow-covered roads.

The starry night, my only light
as the moon hides behind blankets of clouds.

Flakes falling;
I catch them on my tongue like a kid at play.

Tasting nothingness, just chilled wet on wet.
They last longer when they fall on my lashes.

They stick around for a while,
like an old friend, keeping me company.

Soon, I’ll be home, snuggled under my blankets of warmth.
I’ll look out the window, where the moon might be.

“Good night my friend, I know you’re there,
and I know you hear me.”



©2022 Angel K Will
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Blog Photo by Martin Mariani from Pexels

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