Book Release: GOD is so much more (poetry)

Over the past few years, I’ve found much enjoyment pondering and processing life by the stringing together of words in poetic rhythms. As I became more consistent with writing and sharing these creations, I began to see themes threading throughout — typically spiritual, philosophical, inspirational and/or nature-oriented.

With much enthusiasm, I compiled haiku and longer-form poems into my first poetry collection for publication. This one focusing on thoughts and experiences with God.

Click here to check out this newly-released poetry collection — GOD is so much more.

Maybe you would identify with some of these poems, maybe they would speak to your heart, maybe you would like to “swim in the ocean of love, melt in the arms of assurance, and find a peace beyond understanding; a discovery that God is… so much more.

Below are two poems from the book that inspired the title.

GOD is

God cannot be described.
God cannot be contained.
God cannot be understood.
God cannot be explained.

God can only be experienced.

God is not a he.
God is not a she.
God is not an it.
God is all.

God is the breath you breathe in.
God is the breath you breathe out.
The wind that blows through your hair.
The sun that warms your face.
The rain that wakes you in the middle of the night.

God cannot be avoided.
God cannot be escaped.
God cannot be abandoned.
God cannot be ignored.

God. Is. Not. Absent.

God is hope in the midst of your pain.
God is joy in the midst of your exhilaration.
God is everything in between.

God is the here and now.
The there and then.
The tomorrow and all that will be.

God is the living and breathing of all things.

God. Is. Life.

So Much More

You are,
so much more
than what my mind
can comprehend,
and I’m so thankful,
regardless of my limitations,
You love me all the same.

May you be blessed by God’s presence, today and always.

Click here to download a free PDF excerpt or to buy your own copy of GOD is so much more: a poetry collection.

©2021 Angel K Will

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