here and there.

All shapes and sizes
to fit the need
of the cargo.

But the human vessel
is different.

An artistic vessel
we co-create
with God above
so that our
earthly experience
is specific to us,
like a fingerprint.

No two are the same;
our individuality packaged
in a beautiful design,
and delivered under
the stars and planets
a guiding factor
for who we’ll be.

Our differences
created with the Artistic palette;
for my personal experience
on this earth
only I can fill.

All things connecting
in a grand design
we can only see
with Heavenly eyes.

It’s a glorious design
this human vessel.
Yet, it is still only
a vessel.

here and there,
a carrier for
our spirit,
our divine selves.

As we seek the beauty
and glory of God,
as we journey on
this earthly experience.

Be kind to your vessel
and its cargo,
as well as those passing by
in the day
and in the night.



©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Photo+Graphic Art by -akw-, click here.

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