My days in the city,
though short lived,
were experienced fully.
With the thrill of Broadway, living my way,
days and nights, echoes and lights.
Yet I could always find the silence in the chaos.
For me, it provided the best of both worlds.

The heat of the summer,
and the wind through my hair, as I rode the Staten Island Ferry to visit there.
The crisp damp of the fall
as I walked the High Line; the crowds dispersing like the brightly-colored fallen leaves.
That winter snow was bare.
The pictures I planned to take, I figured I’d get the following year.
Then life was halted as spring ushered in.

Lockdowns created an eerie silence, reverberating an anesthetic state.
I stood in the middle of Park Avenue and captured a picture with no car in sight.
Strolling free-faced with a smile some eyed me with judgement.
I missed the days when I was ignored.
Laying in the grass of The Great Lawn, I gazed up at the brilliant blue sky,
clouds like stretched cotton drifting by.
The sun soaked into my skin
as I breathed in the oxygen
meant for my lungs.

My time in the city was coming to an end,
and I wasn’t even aware.



©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Angel K Will and available here on Society6.

Photo+Graphic Art by -akw-, click here.

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