The Way

Written on our hearts,
a love story,
of a Creator
and His creation –
fragile, fallen and mistakes made
but in time, the Creator knows
His creation will find their way.

For He placed love in their hearts
like a compass that points true north.

Though worn and bruised may be their journey
love always finds it’s way home.

Love seeks love, a magnetic pull – selfless and eternal.
Your love within always leads back
to the One who first loved you.

Listen to your heart
and you’ll hear God say
life is a journey;
Love is The Way.


©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Jens Johnsson from Pexels

Photo+Graphic Art by -akw-, click here.

** This poem is included in the book — GOD is so much more: a poetry collection — click here for details. **

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