Out to the Sea

The sun warming my face;
a cool breeze across my shoulders
as the waves slap against the shore.
My hair tousled by the wind;
the smell of crisp, salty air I breathe in.

Birds circling above;
some as friends, some on solo ventures.
I watch and feel a lightness cover me
as the burdens of the day drift away,
out to the sea — far from me.

Peace fills my heart.

I dig my toes into the cool sand;
each individual speck working together.
I lose track of time;
caught in the simplicity of nature.

I see kids and pets running along the shore.
Free as those birds above,
not a care in the world.
Staying in the here and now;
they are the joy of being.

I reset my mind.
Nature helps with that.
It brings me home,
to simplicity.

Peace fills my heart.

All else drifts away,
out to the sea — far from me.


©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Melanie Wupperman from Pexels

Photo+Graphic Art by -akw-, click here.

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