Stories untold

I stand on the corner.
I hold a sign.
I fought for your freedom,
but you drive on by.

Love me anyway.

I’m rushed, and I’m busy,
no time to rest.
Four kids, three jobs;
I’m trying my best.

Love me anyway.

I’m pretty and perfect
that’s what you see,
but a hellish turmoil
tears inside me.

Love me anyway.

I cut you off in traffic;
you laid on your horn.
My wife passed away today
when my daughter was born.

Love me anyway.

The pills were an aid
that became my obsession,
and now I’m in jail
for my possession.

Love me anyway.

I’m sitting in silence;
the crowds come and go;
unaware of the fact
I won’t be here tomorrow.

Love me anyway.

Another promotion
I’m on the right track,
but at home my life
is an absolute wreck.

Love me anyway.

We create a facade
to serve as protection
from those in our lives
who hand out rejection.

But we’re all human;
we’re all frail;
we’re all broken at times.

We’re tired of the masks;
we’re tired of the lies.

There’s healing and hope
when we see the unity of all.
When we come together
to break down these walls.

With eyes of compassion
may we see the stories untold,
and create a future of love
that’s worthy to behold.

Love all every day.


©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Mike Chai from Pexels

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