My only question

Life is a collection of moments;
whatever those may be,
and the choice is mine to determine
what it is I see.

There’ll always be peaks and valleys;
there’ll be both sun and rain,
and how I choose to look at it
will determine my joy or pain.

Nothing set before me
is written in concrete or stone.
I am the author of my story;
my destiny is my own.

I can play a victim,
or I can overcome.
How I respond to what’s before me
is determined by only one.

There is no right or wrong;
there is no pass or fail.
When I breathe my last breath
my only question will be…

Did I live heaven or did I live hell?


©2021 Angel K Will
Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh from Pexels

*This poem is included in the book — The Owl in the Concrete Tree: A Poetry Collection — click HERE more more details, to buy the book, or to download a free PDF excerpt.

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