What if

To desire justice,
to desire truth comes out
seems a righteous ask.

But in today’s climate
of arguing and chaos
I question if that’s the ultimate task.

It seems more important to be right
than for justice to truly prevail.
Because we’re hunkering into
what we want to believe
instead of lifting the veil.

But what if we’ve been lied to?
What if Trump is a good guy?
Will I continue to let a false narrative
manipulate my mind?

What if I turned off the noise
and started searching for myself?
What if I asked people who support him
what they might be thinking about?

The Left has told me to hate him.
Yes, they’ve told me this and that.
But what if the misinformation
is coming from The Establishment.

There are now RINOs backing Biden,
and every day democrats supporting Trump.
Wouldn’t the ones in politics the longest
be the most likely to be corrupt?

Before Trump ran for President
he seemed to have few foes,
but now many who once embraced him
are pointing their arrows.

This doesn’t really add up,
maybe I should research on my own.
If I stay open and keep questioning
I pray truth I’ll be shown.

– akw –

©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  •  Facebook  •  Twitter
Photo by Colin Lloyd from Pexels

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