That spark of light

When you’re living in the illusion
that all you’ve been taught is real

The truth that comes with seeking
is what seems to be surreal

So push past all the discomfort
if you want to truly be free

For the darkness seeks to keep us enslaved
by dominating over you and me

The darkness seeks to hold on tight
and never let us go

It wants us to be dependent,
never realizing it’s the foe

But there’s an intuition in each of us
crying out “this darkness is wrong!”

If you pause in silence long enough
you’ll hear the vibrational song

It echoes throughout creation
It breathed life into the dust

Heaven’s power of love and mercy
lives within each of us

That spark of light within every soul,
the more we feed it, the more it will grow

For light will dissipate the dark
All darkness will be overcome

Revealing all there truly is
Love was, Love is, Love is to come


©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  •  Facebook  •  Twitter
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

** This poem is included in the book — GOD is so much more: a poetry collection — click here for details. **

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