I will gladly risk my life for freedom
our soldiers do it every day.
So please don’t make me rebel
by taking our constitutional rights away.

I will stand and defend freedom
even within America’s walls.
These mandates on our liberties are divisive
for some want to see us stumble and fall.

A slow burn continues to rise
as corruption convalutes this story,
suggesting we give up our freedoms
and bow down to their chaotic worry.

I’m not making light of these topics,
but the censorship and suppression is real.
And in America I thought we had the right to speak out,
but it’s evident our voice is something they’re trying to steal.

Since when is critical thinking and
asking questions an unAmerican trait?
Ever since the extreme left said
those who don’t think like us we must hate.

They want us to believe a new socialism is the way,
but I know legal immigrants who came here, and they tell me
it was socialism from which they were running away.

Might we have problems in America that need to be addressed?
Sure, but what good will these politicians do
since they’ve been perpetuating this mess.

The current President has been in politics for only 3.5 years
yet they tell us he’s the one to blame.
Are you now seeing that we are nothing but pawns
being played in their very corrupt game?

They don’t hate him just to hate him,
let’s be clear about that.
We are the ones they are after.
We are they ones they want to attack.

He’s just in the way for them
and their ability to control our lives.
When we keep our heads in the sand
their corruption does survive.

Explain to me why I’m ridiculed and shamed
for loving a country where all are free.
Here’s the answer, they want to control
and manipulate all, including you and me.

When thinking for yourself and speaking opinion
now rides the line of a crime,
let’s get real honest here,
we are living in an extremely dangerous time.


©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  •  Facebook  •  Twitter
Photo by Mat Brown from Pexels

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