Message from your bottle

vodka, i’m that mistress
who stole your nights and days.

one big blur
as benders consumed days then weeks.

living sloshed
unaware of the wake of pain,
unaware of the verbal abuse,
unaware she was carrying your burdens
as she struggled herself to breathe.

she trudged along with hope
believing for a better tomorrow,
but with coursing, unresolved feelings
pulsing through her veins.

for a time, you ignored me,
but you also ignored the damage
your stupor-self had done.
sweeping it, ever so readily, under the rug.
one less inconvenience for your life,
but the memories don’t fade as quickly
for her and her sober reality.

living with you when you’re living with me,
she finds it to be a war field, never aware
if the ally or enemy will greet her at the door.
she’s a jumbled mess of relief and despair
mingled together with every interaction.

she wants you back, but she has to choose
because i won’t let go so easy,
one more night, just trust me,
you and i are all right,
you can fix yourself

©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram • Facebook • Twitter
Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

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