WP: Earl

MONOLOGUE (1-minute): Mia, 8 years old

I have a fish named Earl. People ask why I named him that. I don’t know… I just looked at him and said “Earl!” That’s how I do things. It feels right.

Like if someone looks sad, I give ’em a hug. If someone looks mad, I try to be super nice. If someone doesn’t have a dessert in their lunch, oh my goodness, that’s not right! So I share mine. If someone’s alone on the playground, I play with ’em. I mean, I’d want someone to play with me.

I don’t get why grown-ups make it so hard. It’s easy to do what feels right. I guess they’re just so busy and forget. When I get older I don’t want to forget because that’s just sad.

So yeah, my fish’s name is Earl. ‘Cause it felt right.

This writing prompt was a single word prompt, “Earl.”

It is from the book A Year of Creative Writing Prompts available on Amazon by clicking here. It has single word prompts, genre prompts, midday and evening prompts. All encouraging one to write, just write! Which is the habit I’m creating…

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Photo by Gabriel P from Pexels

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