my spirit was drying up
withering under these concerns
of an enemy that we can’t see
an enemy that doesn’t seem to be
that dangerous to me
since the majority
are recovering just fine

it’s been eleven days, that’s
two hundred and sixty-four hours
since NYC started going dark
and i’m left craving human touch

for i’m new in this city and now
isolated by 6-feet of invisible walls,
distancing even me and the stranger
who i used to stand next to on the train each day
crowded so tight we morphed into one
it was a daily touch i didn’t even recognize
satisfying a spirit that was making all touch suffice

but now the slightest potential for harm
is burying my spirit in dirt and muck
attempting to snuff out her life
but it won’t prevail
for she is restless and strong
finding a way to live through this insanity
connecting and touching life
without doing “wrong”

she awakens with walks in the park
and celebrates the creative flow of living

so, with words and images i reach out
inspired by the movement all around
where she is allowed to dance on the treetops
and soar across the clouds of the sky
the creative realm is my new human touch

those darkened skies of isolation will be split in two
as the sun shines through with creative force

my spirit will not be shuttered
it will find a way to create
letting be what will be
living life free


©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  •  Facebook  •  Twitter
Photo by Martin Lopez from Pexels

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