Mimi and her toast


My grandma, who we called Mimi, was standing at my kitchen counter eating her morning toast. She started to walk around observing my new living quarters as crumbs fell to the floor with every bite. Seeing the mess, I grabbed a plate and followed after her in an attempt to catch the crumbs.

“What are you doing?” she asked.
“Well, you’re spilling crumbs everywhere,” I replied.

She walked back to the counter and put the last bite in her mouth. She chewed and swallowed and told me something I would never forget.

“When you have guests over, let them do as they want to do. Let them be comfortable as if this were their own home. You can clean up after they leave.” She picked up the plate and placed it in the sink, then walked to the bathroom to finish getting ready for our day.

It’s no surprise that her home was the most welcoming place one could visit, a true atmosphere of love and acceptance.

©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram
Photo by Ummy Ummy from Pexels

One response to “Mimi and her toast”

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