My true self is spirit,
the ether of all that is
within and without.

My body, just is… the container I was given
for my spirit to experience this life.

My soul is my pre-formatted program that runs this container of mine.
My personality, my tendencies, my desires, my passions.
All able to be fully reprogrammed if I seek spirit awareness.
And take action out of that spirit awareness.

For my spirit seeks to be discovered, to awaken, to live all that is possible.

But I limit my spirit when I formulate a reality that makes it all make sense… to my body, to my soul.
For the ultimate reality is that there is no such thing as reality. All is an illusory state.

For I am only a vapor.
We are all only vapor.
One extraordinary vapor,
the ether that is
within and without.

But our bodies and souls cling to the value and purpose
that has been passed on to us through the stories of our ancestors.
Stories that have created a tangible reality
that our bodies and souls can understand and comprehend.

But this value and purpose is not our own; it’s history’s dictate.
For few awaken to write their own spirit stories.

To do so…
one must deconstruct their hierarchical existence of body, soul and spirit.
One must create a new existence of spirit, soul and body.
Allowing the separation within the union of existence during one’s lifetime.

That… is to be… reborn.


©2020 Angel K Will | Instagram  •  Facebook  •  Twitter
Photo by Free Nature Stock from Pexels

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